ANNOUNCEMENT: New Rescue CD 3.14 available

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Change log:




   * Due to the increase in size of databases, the previous Rescue CD 3.11 release

     no longer supported 512MB systems but required at least 2GB of memory. The new

     release again adds supports for 512 MB systems by using compressed Aquarius

     databases (aqualnx32 channel replaced with aquapacked).

   * Related to the previous change, is now replaced with



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    is the CD also based on a new kernel that supports more recent hardware?



  • Rusli
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    Because I saw that it's been pull out recently for further investigations in missing detections.


    Is this a new version of 3.14???


    Did  the version 3.14 have a feature to include 3G Mobile Broadband.


    Because all Linux platform now have support for 3G Mobile Broadband. 


    It would be great that 3.14 rescue disc have 3G Mobile Broadband support.


    I hope they have a new kernel!


    Please be informed that linux have been hacked into.


    So don't use that site.


    Some known linux kernel are infected with viruses.



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    waht are the system requirements for this

  • Enfcmedic384
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    Can I purchase an already burnt CD this way if you believe that your system is compromised you feel you have guaranteed clean CD? Thank You in advance.




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    Hello Enfcmedic384


    As this annoucement  is old(the current version  being 3.16) you can find information concerning the latest version of this free utility on the folowing page.





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