Rescue CD scanning failed

I tried to scan my Windows 8 computer with Rescue CD 3.16-63801 but encountered some problems:


1) Scanning Windows Storage Spaces is not supported. There is no mention of this in the documentation. I understand that this is because there is no linux support for Storage Spaces yet.


2) My Windows 8 drive could not be scanned because "it was not shut down properly." I selected "restart" instead of "shut down", so maybe that was the problem. Again, no mention of this in the documentation, as it only speaks of restarting the computer.


  • Fendy
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    Hi ansikone,


    First of all, make sure your Windows 8 meets the minimum system requirements:


    • x86 compatible
    • at least 1024 MB of RAM
    • startup from a CD or USB
    • connected to the Internet or be able to use a USB drive


    Also, may I know if your computer is infected and no longer starts? If no, then Online Scanner might be a better choice for you:
    Best regards,


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  • Rusli
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    Login to your account.


    Firstly, Do a chkdsk /f and restart

    followed by under Admin do a sfc /scannow

    via Command Prompt.



  • Rusli
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    Have you try with other rescue cd???






    See if you have the same similar problems.

  • ansikone
    ansikone Posts: 6 Observer

    I guess I'd just like the documentation to be amended to include the lack of storage spaces support in "known issues" and some kind of mention that the system cannot be scanned if it is in hibernation (or similar) mode. (For example hybrid shutdown/fast boot, which was introduced in win8)


    And while technically you can mount the file system in RO mode, disinfecting such a system is not possible. 

  • Rusli
    Rusli Posts: 1,010 Influencer



    Most probably, F-Secure Rescue CD need a new version update.


    Currently mostly all system using Windows 8 using the newer UEFI bios. UEFI secure boot.


    F-Secure need to release a new version with the new kernel and the UEFI 64 bit distros. 



    F-Secure need to release a newer version of linux distros that supports this.


    I submit this to to the F-Secure Beta Team.

  • Rusli
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    I suggesting you give it a try with Avira Rescue Disk.

  • Rusli
    Rusli Posts: 1,010 Influencer

    Okay Fendy,


    I have submitted a bug report to F-Secure Beta Team about this.


    I am very certain that F-Secure need a new distro rescue CD due to UEFI boot on Windows 8.

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