Subscription issues when using uninstallation tool

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18 months ago, I had some seemingly unresolvable issues with F-Secure and iTunes. While the support guys were fabulous in trying to fix the problem, this did involve several full removal and reinstalls of FSIS 2012, and each time, I had to wait for the subscription to be reset, which was a pain. I was ultimately left with no option but to use another product for a while.

Since I've been back with FS, I have raised this issue of the subscription being 'erased' when using the uninstallation tool, and I'm sure that I've been told that this no longer happens, but it seems there may still be times when a subscription reset is required, such as the example in this thread:

What exactly is the position on this now? Does the uninstallation tool still erase the subscription key or not?


  • Blackcat
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    are you using the beta or the full version?

  • Simon
    Simon Posts: 2,667 Superuser
    @Blackcat - Beta, but this isn't am issue affecting me at the moment. I just noticed it coming up a couple of times recently, so thought it might be useful to ask for clarification.

    @Ville - Yes, I've just seen the other thread, so thanks for the clarification. :)
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