QUESTION 1. Is it possible that f-secure i.s. 2013 can come with 2 year subscrption?


QUESTION 2. Can i put 2 keys of f.i.s. 2014 in 2014. i  mean if i buy 2 keys of f.i.s. 2013 and use it one after one(after the first one expires). so if i can get 2 years subscription?


  • pcah4
    pcah4 Posts: 22 Explorer

    Answer to question 1.........Yes i bought the same type of product on ebay aswell, i paid approx £20.00 sterling,that is in the u.k.

    Answer to question 2.........The product you get is for a two year licence so you put the subscription key in and it will show that you have two years subscription.

  • kris
    kris Posts: 38 Explorer

    thanks a lot pcah4 for your help. for question 2 i wanted to ask about 2 keys for single year each. i mean if i get 2 f.i.s. 2013 keys, each for 1 year. will it work in f.i.s.2015 version? beacause in 2015 version it will be 2 year old key of f.i.s. 2013. so will it work in 2015 version? i mean any unused key of internet security version can activate/continue the future version? i am impressed with f-secure internet security 2014 trail version but i am new to all this stuff so i have no idea what should i do. your help will be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance Smiley Happy

  • kris
    kris Posts: 38 Explorer

    my problem is solved. thanks a lot for your help Smiley Happy

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