Missing "Network connections" and "Internet" in the settings


Hi, I was trying to play a game that I had to open up ports in my router and allow through my Incoming and Outgoing ports list with F-Secure. Today, my game wouldnt go online so I checked my IP and router ports, everything was fine and in-order. Then I opened up F-Secure Cincinnati Bell and opened the settings box to look at my allowed ports, but there was no "Network Connections" block or "Internet" block (Which is where the F-Secure Incoming and Outgoing ports list is, NOT the windows firewall in the picture). I'm also missing the option to allow an open port on the "tools" page. Does anyone know what happened? Am I running on something like a "simple mode"? Because it was fine when I last opened it and tweaked my ports on 9/24/13.


Missing blocks in settings:


Missing the option to allow a port:


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