Virus Bulletin 100 test-August 2013


VB100 comparative testing is a regular independent comparison of anti-malware solutions. 

To display a VB100 logo, a product must:

  • prove it can detect 100% of malware samples listed as 'In the Wild' by the WildList Organization
  • generate no false positives when scanning an extensive test set of clean samples

All this must be done with default, out-of-the-box settings in the VB lab environment. 

F-Secure IS/CS failed recent VB100 test with 1 false positive;


Overall VB 100 results for F-Secure IS ;


For F-Secure CS; - 


  • Blackcat
    Blackcat Posts: 503 Influencer

    Virus Bulletin conducts the “classic” rather than “real world” test; products evaluate a collection of files that includes a small number of current viruses. A good-quality product is quite capable of achieving the 100% result. For example, the April results show that 29 of 67 security solutions successfully passed testing.


     A consumer has to bear in mind another feature of the VB100 award – the logo could be used in vendor’s marketing material even after one basic level certification.


    So overall on the many testing sites;


    1. F-Secure doing very well at av-comparatives and


    2. Not so good at VB 100 testing and pretty bad at the leak tests and banking protection testing.


    Therefore, purely for marketing purposes maybe F-Secure could take a longer look at the latter testing sites?


    The leak and banking protection tests mainly involve simulated malware; in the real world F-Secure seems to be doing very well as very few threads posted here or on other security forums about infected machines when running FS.

  • Rusli
    Rusli Posts: 1,019 Influencer

    Oh really???


    Virus detection okay.


    Firewall Leak Testing. (Very bad and deep guard flaws from what I find out!)


    I still find Windows Firewall real bad.


    Banking Protection. (I did not have a credit card or debit card to test!)


    It's like 1/3 of full protection F-Secure!

  • Blackcat
    Blackcat Posts: 503 Influencer

    "Virus detection okay".


    Just check and av-comparatives results over several years; general malware detection, particularly with on-demand scanning, nearly always places F-Secure at the top of the pile.


    "Firewall Leak Testing"


    Results look poor at Matousec and Comodo BUT these are simulated tests and do not reflect a firewall's abilities. ONLY for marketing purposes should F-Secure worry about the results here.


    If present users are not happy with FSIS then switch to F-Secure AV and use a third-party firewall.




    if you consider FSIS a weak product, why don't you simply switch to another AV (But not to the the second-rate scanner, Eset Smiley Wink).



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