Civilization V

Civilization V (through Steam) stops loading. This has just recently started to happen.


The solution is to exclude the Civ 5 directory in F-Secure. Although I shouldn't have to be doing this. A lot of people have experienced this and also confirmed that to exclude the civ map is the answer. I would so love to know if there have been an update on F-Secure that causes this or if an update on Civ that causes F-Secure to not like Civ 5.


  • Got same problem. Turning off deerguard helped in old version.. can't get work this **bleep** with civ5

  • I exluded the civ 5 directory (inside the steam directory) in the F-Secure Virus checking. I have seen over at the civ forum people that just stops F-Secure to make it work. But for me at least it was enough to just exclude the civ 5 map from the virus checking.

  • I have had the same problem and reported it to the German F-Secure Support already last Thursday. Till now there was no response.


    The problem is created by the real time virus scanner. It takes more than 20 minutes to scan the XML files in the Civilization V subfolder. It is recreatable by manually scanning the game's folder.

    Exclude the XML sub folders => No problem

    Turn off real time scanner => No problem

    Start with everything as usual => Starting time is longer than 30 minutes! Smiley Sad


    I was not able to recreate the problem with Windows 8 Core (instead of Pro) on an Ultrabook. The problem system also has 6 cores with hyperthreading and 32 GB RAM. Another user with that problem hat 16 GB and the same CPU, so we are still guessing here... I reduced the number of cores and the size of the RAM by using msconfig, but that did not change anything... At least nothing I could see.

  • I had earlier F-secure 2011 and updated it to 2014. I think versio changes don't work fine in old versions. Also "update tool" from old version to 2014 doesn't work well. 


    1. Remember copy your F-secure order key. Much easier write key down now than start looking for it later...

    2. I uninstalled F-secure.. I used controll panel uninstalled method.

    3. Restart PC

    4. Run F-secure own uninstall tools (google "F-secure uninstall tools".. downloaded f-secure ftp server). 

    5. Restart again.

    6. Install F-secure 2014. 

    7. Put game mode on

    8. Launch Civ 5 and have fun Smiley Very Happy

  • Unfortunately uninstalling with the Uninstall Tool and installing again did not change the behaviour. The scanner needs an eternity to scan the XML files in the Civilization V folder Smiley Sad

  • Andy1
    Andy1 Posts: 1

    I have also had this problem in the latest release of Fsecure using windows 7. The only resolution was to exclude the folder from being scanned.

  • StHubi
    StHubi Posts: 17

    It's working again :) Yesterdays updates fixed the issue. The support asked me via mail for confirmation today and I gladly answered: YES, I RULE AGAIN AS GHANDI! Bow down before me, mortal! Smiley Very Happy Okay, it was differently worded, but I am very happy now Heart

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