My mobile is stollen how can I locate it

My mobile is stolen and I no longer have the same contact number to which sim change can be reported. How can I locate my mobile and blacklist or block it from being used.



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    this requires intervention by the support team. Please open a supporrt request!



  • Jayson
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    Hi Heila,

    You can send the remote commands from any mobile phone. Create text message with the following and send it to your lost phone.

    #LOCATE#<sucuritycode> or #LOCK#<sucuritycode> or #WIPE#<sucuritycode>

    Of course, the remote commands will only work if:

    1. You have enabled the Remote commands in Anti-Theft.
    2. Your phone is turned ON with your SIM card inserted.

    This short videoclip would give you an idea how the Anti-Theft works:

    Thank you.

    Best Regards,

    F-Secure Community Moderator

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