Scheduled scan not working since July

Hi does any one now how to fix the scheduled scanner as mine is  not working I have tried an new install over the top and still not working any help pls 


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    what product? what version? what Platform? what settings?


    try executing c: \<program folder>\F-Secure\anti-virus\fsav.exe  from command line. Does that work?


  • hi its internet security 2011 on windows vista  home premium  sp 2  i am not to good with computers basic knowledge

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    If you go to the controllpanel and check under Scheduled Tasks is F-secure scanning added here? or is this just blank?

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    Hope this is what you are on about as don't no that much about computers  thank you for replying

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    Could you try and for example sett it to do a scan Weekly and wednesday. To see if it will work on selected time tommorrow? And make sure the computer is on at this time. There isent any point of doing a full scan every day, Sence F-secure have a Realtime scanner. Once every week or month should be enough.


    What i was asking about is the scheduled taks that you should find under Start - Controllpanel.

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    Hi found it  and when I click on it I get an error the task image is corrupt or has been tampered with . Scheduled scanning task and in the list there is no f-secure so I don't no what wrong hopefully you can help and i have changed it to weekly

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    try to remove the task and recreate it using the F-Secure GUI.


    Additionaly I see "Ad-Aware" on your system and other duplicate tasks.

    AdAware is a kind of malwarescanner as well and is competing for ressources with F-Secure!

    Your skype also seems to have problems...




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    A different user on the internet solved thisproblem by restoring a rescue point of Windows from an earlier date and that fixed the issue.
    But I have found something else from the internet, after following the instruction, try to set a new sheduled task in IS2011 (maybe with a different time, just to test).
    Here is the guide:
    To troubleshoot this issue, I would like to propose the following suggestions.

    1. Commonly Task Scheduler task image is located in : C:\Windows\System32\Tasks, please delete related corrupted image in this folder and see if the issue occurs.

    2. Delete related registry item in the following location.

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Schedule\TaskCache\Tasks

    Please locate to related folder with the same ID displayed on the error message, and delete this item.

    Note: Pay attention to back up your registry before doing any modification.

    Meanwhile, you can also visit the following website on similar issue first.

    Task Scheduler task image corrupted
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