FSIS2012 - RC - Disabling FW - missing program info, and an RED? F-Logo or something ?



Have updatet automaticly to RC - without any nag...

And i had to do an installation on a NAS, and have to disable Firewall.

And se image 1, image 2, and 3.


I think that on image 1. there have to be a Programname, other thatn the displayed !

And after the FW is disablet, another Icon on the taskbar.. it seems like ewerything is working ok... :-(


And if under the Firewall -profile seting, (normal,office,lan print, off) if set to OFF, the F-Secure says DISABLET, and a red cross is apearing..


But the F-Secure icon on the taskbar, is still blue, and act normal...


I think, if the user chose the firewall-profile "disablet" the normal blue f-secure icon is OK to have this color, because the user have chosen it.


But if the user have disablet the FW, the F-Secure icon on the taskbar, shoud be .. orange Smiley Happy


Thats my idea...







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