need F-secure link for nokia lumia 720

Smiley SurprisedI have Nokia Lumia 720 Windows 8 mobile. I need to install F- secure in my smart phone. How i can do? could you please provide me supported version or trail version link which is supported to my smartphone. thank  you.


  • kingkhan


    F-Secure Mobile will not run on your phone due to its system requirements; 




    So it will not run on your phone.


     Any Antivirus program is not needed on your Windows 8 phone since it is virtually impossible for malware to infect  your device because of the way the OS is designed. This is because the only executable code that can run on the phone is in apps from the Windows Store - and the Store has restrictions on the type of code that can be run. Even viruses embedded in Word documents won't run because of the security sandbox and there is no support for VBA, a traditional virus vector.

    But remember, you can still get hit by spoof sites trying to steal your login info, so always check the URL of the website to make sure it's the correct one. 


    Overall, F-Secure mobile will not run on your phone and you do not need any other AV using Windows 8.


    The Lumia 720 is a good phone and now you can enjoy the extra battery life due to not running an AV.







  • kingkhan


    there is a new F-Secure program - F-Secure Safe Anywhere for Windows 8 that offers web protection;


    Capture 5 .GIF



    But you will have to sign up for the beta to try this;

  • Simon
    Simon Posts: 2,674 Superuser

    Interesting what you say, Blackcat, and it's a big claim for an OS to make, that it cannot be infected with viruses.  I'm sure someone will try!  Smiley Very Happy


    That said, it does make a Windows 8 Mobile phone look quite an atrractive option, especially given that I'm not overly impressed with Apple iOS7, and may be looking for a new phone in the not too distant future.  :)

  • @Simon


    they look very good but the big problem is a lack of apps.


    The Lumia phones are well built and I have an older one (windows 7) but it can't compete with my Android Samsung phone. Maybe Microsoft can now pump more money in to increase their development?


    Apple's iPhones look nice but too expensive ( even the 5C ) and too locked down for me.

  • Simon
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    I've had iPhones for the past three years, having moved between platforms quite a bit before, and have had the old Windows phones, plus Android and BlackBerry, in the past. TBH, although I was anti-Apple for many years, thinking they were overrated and overpriced, I took to iOS within a very short time, and found it exquisitely intuitive, reliable, and the best all round OS I had encountered in a phone. I have also invested quite heavily in docks and other accessories, so I was quite dismayed when the iPhone 5 came out, with a different connector that wouldn't fit existing accessories - forcing users to *purchase* an adapter for £25, when, really, this should have been provided freely. The new OS, though, is very far removed from the old one, and they seems to have made a lot of the functions I use on a regular basis, less accessible, and generally, I'm not keen on the look of iOS7. So, I won't be upgrading to the 5S, but come next year, the 4S may no longer be supported, so I would have to be looking to upgrade. I don't like Android, mainly due to privacy and security concerns, and, sadly, BlackBerry seems to be on it's way out, so that may leave little choice as far as platforms go.
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