Imaging programs (System Restore) and F-Secure.


In a recent thread;


I reported the build number of my official F-Secure IS 2014, which corresponded to the beta build!!!


I had previously used an Imaging program to revert back from the full version to an older image which contained the beta version of F-Secure.


Messaging Ville,  he stated "Somehow the beta version is in use but with retail license, which should not be possible."


So somehow when reverting back to the beta version from the full version in an old image, the two versions somehow became mixed!!!!!


This result looks similar to those with System Restore; see for example


So overall, if you use System Restore or an Imaging/Snapshot program it may be best to uninstall, re-install F-Secure.


IMHO, this result warrents a prominent "sticky" on the Forum page as when for example a computer becomes infected reverting back to an older image or Restore point is commonly used. 




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