F-Secure Uninstallation Tool

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F-Secure Uninstallation Tool


  • Uninstallation tool for Windows: Please follow this KB article for instructions on how to use the UI tool for Windows


  • Uninstallation tool for Mac: Please follow this KB article for instructions on how to use the UI tool for Mac.


Note: Please use these tools as a last resort only, in cases where the normal uninstallation method fails.



  • I can´t unistall F secure from my andriod Samsung Galaxy. How can I do?

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    Hello Miaspl,


    Could you try the following if the "uninstall option" is grayed out:


    1. Open Settings > Location and security.
    2. Scroll down to Device administration and tap Select device administrators.
    3. Under Device administrators, uncheck the application.

    Then you should be able to uninstall.


    If that doesn't help, please provide more information (versions) on your Operating system, phone model and F-secure product in use. Do you get any error message when you attempt to uninstall?

  • Why a sophisticated antivirus maker can't design its own product such that it can be un-installed without a hitch ?  Why it asks for original installation file during un-installation ?

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    My Opera browser can't download it, nor IE 11 nor Chrome.  My daughters laptop decided to disown F-Secure subscription (still valid until November 2016) and her laptop cannot download uninstall tool using eoither Opera or Chrome.  Is it because I have just bought a 2-year subscription that this software has decided not to work on both devices - what kind of protection is that.  Is there any other way of unistalling this?

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    Did you already try a normal uninstallation, through the control panel?

    Do you get any error message when trying to download the tool?


    For alternative removal methods please refer to that article.


    Note that the the UITOOL should be used only as last resort.

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    Windows Control Panel left bits behind so that on restart, the icon was in lower rh corner but nothing left in the control panel to uninstall.  It is because the support team told me to use the uniinstall tool (case ref XXXXXXXXXX ref:_XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX:ref) that I was trying to use it in the first place.  I eventuall used CCleaner to final remove it.  When I came to reinstall, the f-secure installer said that I didn't have any licences left, although the WWW my safe said I had 2 licences left, it then installed my daughter's licence on my desktop, disabling my daughters copy of f-secure.  I have now uninstalled f-secure from my daughter's laptop and hey presto, I have 3 spare licences.  Haven't tried to reinstall on my daughter's pc and have put another virus guard on there while I try and sort out what is going on.  Spoke to virginmedia, who originally promoted the software, and they say they are getting fed up with the high volume of complaints about this dodgy software.  All I know is that if I pay for something, I expect the suppliers to honour their contract and allow me to use my five licences, that I have paid for (my safe tells me that my ubscription is valid until November 2016).  




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    Hello Sw-uk,


    In some installations the Microsoft Control panel can fail, this is the reason to use our Uninstallation tool. This uninstallation problems can have different root causes, but our Uninstallation tool basically deletes all folders, services and registry entries on the computer, leaving the system clean of our software.


    Did you receive any error when using the uninstallation tool? CCLeaner registry clean up looks for unassociated registry entries, which in this case could have been caused by a failure on Windows Uninstallation process from Control Panel. We cannot confirm this without more detailed information.


    Regarding the My Safe licenses problem, we need to check at our end and see why this error could have ocurred. We have a case open regarding this issue that I have taken over. I will contact you thru this case and give you instructions to gather the application logs to analyze them and find out what happened. We will also ask you for some information regarding licensing for us to check in our system what happened with the licenses use.


    About Virgin Media complains, we're sorry to hear that. We're in close contact with our colleagues at VM and have not heard such feedback. Thanks for bringing it up.

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    Is it ok to use with windows 10?

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    Hello Alan,


    You should be able to use it on Windows 10, however  use these tools as a last resort only, in cases where the normal uninstallation method fails.

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    fab - thank you
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    Used unistaller tool too, still unable to uninstall F-Secure Safe. Folder in C:\programdata cannot be deleted. found many entries in regedit... 

    And not able to to reinstall f-secure.



  • Worked just fine on Windows 10. Saved me after a botched uninstallation of Freedome left me unable to access the internet (at least by using domain names, didn't try with ip-addresses).


    I notice the file behind the link (UninstallationTool.exe) has been digitally signed in May 2016, has the tool itself been updated lately?

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    Hi GaryB00zey,


    We do have new updated releases of the Uninstallation tool when required. You will be able to find the information of the changes with every release in the readme.txt file.



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