Internet Security 2012 Release Candidate (R44) released

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we have just released the F-Secure Internet Security 2012 Release Candidate R44. Features introduced in it are:

* Firewall default profile was changed from "Office" mode to "Normal". This new mode is more relaxed for "Home" usage. There should be less problems with games.

* Online Safety for Windows Vista and 7 is shipped with improved Windows Filtering Platform (WFP) functionality. The driver is loaded only if "Web page filter" is turned on.

* Hosts file infections are removed before installation start.

* Bug fixes

This version will again come as an automatic upgrade to all the F-Secure Internet Security 2012 Beta users. After the upgrade you may encounter a crash report of FSHoster process shortly after the reboot request. This crash will occur only in R43 to R44 upgrade and can be ignored, just reboot the computer.

Release notes:

Petri on behalf of the project team


PS. If you haven't already done so, please sign to our new Beta Community here:


  • minegroasprilla

    hey, When Will you release the v.2012 Final?.

  • Mikko
    Mikko Posts: 1 New Member

    The version of the network installer that I got today from the Resources section of is Is that the correct version? I'm not able to do a new installation with that installer as I get a "You are using an old installer version..." error.



  • bardok206
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    Use this . But you need here to write  beta-key.

  • Koze
    Koze Posts: 9

    Haven't seen any problems so far.

    The only issue I saw was again the message from my Windows Home server the AV was out of date after updating.


    A second reboot also fixed that no more error reportings seen no crashes nothing, all works fine Internet, Banking Outlook, not any of the other reported messages seen.


    It seems to me it's ready for release!

  • Janiashvili
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    you use windows server?

  • StarFerret
    StarFerret Posts: 17 Observer

    Not Windows Server per se . . . Windows HOME Server, which is built for home and small business use. I don't remember just how many, but Windows HOme Server has a limit of so many client machines, where Windows Server has a much larger limit, if any at all. Smiley Happy


    I usually have four or five machines as clients to my Windows Home Server, depending on how many I have set up at one time.

  • Koze
    Koze Posts: 9

    Indeed as Startferret told also, Windows Home server, maximum 10 clients allowed.  (WHS V1)


    I use it for Backup for all (4) my computers and to have access when away from home or teaching and I do need some paper I have forgotten. I store all on my Home server also.


    Not the new 2011 version (based on Windows server 2008 R2) bit the first version build on Windows 2003 server.



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