Please help! "Your computer is not protected / There's a problem with real-time scanning"




I have a MAC 10.6.8 and the latest version of F-secure. I renewed my subscription in the beginning of September, and the program's worked flawlessly until today, when I started my computer a red warning sign on top of the little F-secure icon at the top on the main screen appeared and I got this message:


"Your computer is not protected / There's a problem with real-time scanning"


I can't do anything with the program - do I have a virus? Please help!


I did a search within this forum and there was a thread about this issue in 2011 - I think this needs to be reassessed though. 




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    I have had the exact same problem many times. You may definitely have a virus and unfortunately unlike most people like to believe Macintoshes are more prone to vulnerabilites and viruses than ever. The best answer is to seek real time live help from F-Secure Phone help and that is the only way I get the help I need. The community is good but the English community still needs to grow.


    You can also call Apple Care unlike what I was told by dingbats at the Apple Store if you have a new macintosh and Apple Care they WILL HELP in Malware removal not look the other way. I also recommend a firewall program called little snitch which is about 30 bucks but it is very worth and let's you know a ton of information about what your Mac THINKS it should be doing. This information will really help the Apple care support techs too and any other people that will try and help you too.


    One example is YOU probably have a virus if when you start every program a SSL 443 port opens up with that program and little snitch tells you this. I called Snowden before he spilt the beans and he told me when I had my viruses that it was not the NSA. Seriously though F-Secure Phone Support, Apple Care and if not still under that then see what they will charge you over the phone on A PAY PER INCIDENT BASIS and ASK IN DETAIL WHAT THEY ARE GOING TO DO FOR THAT AMOUNT OF MONEY. Then ask do they guarantee this work and back it up? Apple store is a money pit avoid that at all costs. Your Mac is old enough that if you go there it is cheaper to buy a new or refurbed one if I am completely wrong and this is a hardware issue which I doubt.


    Please update on a regular basis after you call F-secure and see if they can do anything for you right away and they usually can. I will get you some links too. I am still suffering from the Malware blues and I have even written songs about it by now all I need is a Harmonica to play these blues songs on after I learn how to play them.




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    Hi Minni!


    I just wanted to check in and see if any of Enfcmedic's advice helped you out, or if you received support through another channel.  If so, please let us know what you found out!


    Otherwise, if you still need help from our Community and Experts, we're here to help!

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    Many thanks for your helpful reply - in the end I uninstalled F-Secure completely and uploaded it again with the help of an Customer Service agent. Hopefully won't happen again!


    Thanks also for the tip with Little Snitch - it's a great program!


    Have a nice day!



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