Frozen laptop and can't login the safe mood

When I was installing F-Secure antivirus, the wizard asked that I uninstall Kaspersky. I tried to uninstall it but it didn't work. So I continued installing F-Secure. However, after I restarted my laptop, it was not working. Nothing works including the keyboard and the touch pad.
I wanted to uninstall the old antivirus by using the safe mode, but I couldn't access the safe mode because the fingerprint reader won't work in the safe mode.
Now I can't login to the safe mode and the regular mood is frozen. What should I do?????


  • try to uninstall Kaspersky from control panel.reboot in normal mode.if this not resolve the problem,uninstall also F- Secure and reinstall it.

  • Noor
    Noor Posts: 3
    That's what I'm trying to do. But I can't access the control panel. The problem is I can't log in to the safe mood to uninstall them.
  • try to wait in this frozen mode if you can access to task manager.try to type ctrl+alt+canc.if the task manager appear,try to terminate kaspersky's processes,or f-secure processes.otherwise,try to terminate several processes,randomly.if that allows you to go to control panel and uninstall kaspersky,you can resolve.

  • viktik
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    You need to reset the windows pasword. then you will be able to login in safe mode.




    follow the instruction in there website.


    here is the link to guide on how to use it



  • [Deleted User]
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    Hi Noor!


    Please let us know if any of these suggestions have solved your problem, or if you still need a hand!


    // Chrissy

  • Noor
    Noor Posts: 3
    I tried to follow what MeteorMan have suggested but the tasks manger did not show up after I pressed Ctrl+Alt+Del. I waited for hours but nothing changed.
    I tried also to put a cd in the cd room and it runs smoothly with no problems. So I guess the problem is not that the laptop is overloaded with many tasks.

    I can't download anything so I couldn't follow Viktik's advice.
  • instead you wrong.your problem is the presence of the processes of kaspersky and f-secure to create conflicts and freezing, since two antivirus installed  create these problems, trust me, I can tell you from personal experience.the fact that you start from the CD without problems, it is normal, because in this way do not load the above processes,if you can not get into safe mode, you can restore an image that you created earlier, if you have one, or format it and reinstall everything.

    I always say, everybody should always make a clean backp disk with Acronis or similar softwares.

  • Simon
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    Would attaching a mouse get around the touch pad problem?  Then you could possible access safe mode to uninstall both KIS and FSIS, and start again.


    Just to second the above advice, you should never start to install an anti virus product, without first removing the existing one from the machine, preferable using the vendor's uninstall tool.  The KIS one is here:


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