Banking protection is missing

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I've installed the latest version from my ISP: Computer Security 12.71 build 102

After reading all F-Secure IS 2013 release notes it seems I have Release 2. Computer Security 12.71 build 100 it says in the release pdf:


So why is Banking Protection missing? (which is part of Release 2) Is it possible for ISP's to remove parts like Banking Protection? If so, I don't get it, it should be up to the end user to decide.


"By default, the Banking protection feature is available for all Internet Security 2013 users." according to


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    Hi NikK,


    F-Secure software from an ISP is always a customized version, in different versions there could be some components added or removed due to the need of the ISP. 

    Have you contacted your ISP to verify if there is a Banking Protection feature in the software you are using? Or perhaps you may provide us your ISP name and the full name of your software so that we may help you to check further.


    Best regards,


  • NikK
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    Thanks for responding,

    My ISP doesn't give me an answer, I'm still waiting after 10 days...


    ISP: Bredbandsbolaget

    Product: Säkerhetspaket 1.71.340.0


    From Windows Reliability Monitor I was able to get this additional info about the installation:

    • F-Secure CCF Reputaion (Installation & Reconfiguration)
    • F-Secure Network CCF 1.02.126 (Installation & Reconfiguration)
    • F-Secure CCF Scanning RELEASE (Installation & Reconfiguration)
    • Computer Security RELEASE (Installation & Reconfiguration)
    • Online Safety 2.71.927.655 (Installation, Reconfiguration, Update, Reconfiguration)
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    You could try the following FREE programs for Banking Protection; all of which are compatible with F-Secure; 


    1. MYPOQ- which despite the info on the web-site is free.


    2. ZenMate- if you use Chrome as your browser;


    3. BitDefender Safepay- you need to install this after F-Secure.

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