Please Fix Browsing Protection icons

Browsing protection toolbar icons are too large and when you unmaximize the toolbar in Firefox (moving F-Secure icons into the standard Firefox toolbar), all the Firefox navigation icons distort, i.e. stretch vertically, because the toolbar accomodates the biggest icons, in this case F-Secure ones.

This happens whether the Firefox tollbar icon size is set to Normal or Small. Note the stretched Firefox buttons on the right hand side in the screenshots below:


I know this is a minor complaint but it drives me nuts, and I don't want to waste screen real estate by keeping a huge separate F-Secure toolbar just for those few icons.


  • patet
    patet Posts: 57 Explorer

    I notified f-secure about this a long time ago and they just replied that this isnt important.


    The BP addon is having huge problems at the moment anyway so I dont use it. And frankly if you think about it, this isnt really important compared to the problems that prevent people from using the addon at all, hanging, slowing firefox and IE down etc...

  • MJ-perComp
    MJ-perComp Posts: 432 Superuser


    yes the icons are too big, but you can hide the toolbar completely without loosing the functionality. I guess, that would even more fit your wishes.


    @patet: did you open a support request on YOUR problems, then please post the SR-ID so that the team can do a follow-up. BP need constant new development because of FF, so after each update the problem should be reconnfirmed if still not fixed. Generally spoken I would not go without BP, even if it takes some 25ms





  • patet
    patet Posts: 57 Explorer

    Yes, I had opened a support ticket and submitted my FSDIAG as I was told to do in another thread. I havent heard back since then.


    And it doesnt take just some 25ms, hanging firefox continuously for almost a minute at worst and making the browser feel really sluggish isnt really this 25ms. If it were 25ms there would be no problems since addons normally take 25ms, but not BP and thats the problem.


    Not being able to fix a simple UI design issue regarding the size of icons to match with Firefox design guidelines doesnt really make me confident that they are able to fix these very serious issues either.

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