F-Secure icon/tag in all Windows and in the Action Centre.

A number of pop up Windows and the Action Centre just have the Computer Security tag.


Since many fake/rogue AVs have the characteristic of not labelling their window pop ups can we not have the F-Secure name in ALL relevant places-context menu/pop up windows/Security Centre.


I have used many AVs and ALL of them have their logo/name in all these places-why not F-Secure?Capture.GIF

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Not an issue in the new UI


  • Simon
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    +1  :)

  • LRL
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    Would like to know how (if possible) to turn Frontier Secure off and on?

  • @LRL


    if you have a problem with F-Secure post over on the Home Section.

  • @LRL


    left-click on F-Secure tray icon>Computer Security>Settings>Virus and SpyWare scanning>turn slider to off position.

  • Nmouse
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    Yes.. it´s a must !

  • Ukko
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    Sorry for my potential feedback.


    I'm not sure but maybe current F-Secure Home Solutions (AV/IS/SAFE/TOTAL) with certain tweaks for this points.

    And most of critical places/notifications/prompts comes with visible state of F-Secure (even... fake windows able to use it too).



  • Jaims
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    Hi @Blackcat

    This is not an issue in the new user interface.

    The Idea is now considered completed and closed!

    Thank you for your suggestion.

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