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Hi, Can anyone help with the problem of the subscription key not validation on a widows 7 system. I find that I cannot  use a product I have purchased. I have telephoned the technicians & they have done a FSDIAG but nobody has replied as to the outcome. Have emailed & had no response. Tonight I have tried to chat online only to be disconnected three times without a technician being online. F Secure was recommended to me by a friend but this experience is not what I would call a good one.


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    Hi, I don't think this is something we can 'fix' on the forum, but hopefully, an F-Secure technician will see your post, and respond in due course.  If you have a valid subscription, it may just be a case of having this reset by the support team.  Did you upgrade or uninstall / reinstall the product?  How long ago did you email them?  In my experience, they usually reply within 24 hours.

  • Sent the email on Sunday hoping for a response on Monday. Have had remote assistance & the technician could not validate the code but no one has suggested a new key code.

  • I bought Internet Security 2013 in month April 2013 & its not working. 

    F-Secure online chat is not helpful. 

    Tell me how i can make it working....

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    KaKa_Spi, have you raised a support ticket for this issue?
  • Yes i raised a ticket on 3rd September 2013 & still there is not reply or action regarding the subject. 

    (SR ID:1-623900267)

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    Sadly, we can do nothing here, but hopefully one of the techies will see your post.
  • I never ever saw any action by f-secure which helps.... & this is not good.... 


    F-Secure is a good product but when good support is not there then its just waste of money & time....

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    Hello KaKa_Spi,


    The ticket with the Sr-ID provided seems to have been opened on 29th of August (with your email address) and the following answer was made a few hours after the opening by one of our agent.



    With regards to your enquiry, your license key does not seem to be from our retail product. If you have purchased this from a reseller or distributor, please contact them for matters regarding your subscription key.

    If you have purchased this directly from F-Secure's webstore, please provide us with the order number so that we may look up your purchase.



    A follow up email was send to you on 3rd of September, but it seems we still haven't unfortunately received the requested information in our ticketing system.


    Please try resending the requested documents/information so that the agent taking care of your case can investigate the issue further.


    Thank you.


  • this is sick. 


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    Why? They have answered your enquiry, asking for relevant documentation to validate a licence purchase. I can't see what's wrong with that.
  • I purchase it from Kuwait (APEX Computer Services Co).

    As i told i purcahse it in April 2013 & Used it for the first time during same month. 

    I dont know why you people make this thing so difficult.

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    Hello KaKa_Spi,


    Please be assured we are trying our best to solve the problem you are facing. The information concerning your purchase is however necessary so that we can figure out what is happening.

    For instance it might be that the installer you are using isn't matching the key you purchased.


    Thank you.

  • I dont know what wrong with F-Secure people.... 

    First of all F-Secure make online installer & for online installation customer must have atleast 2MB internet connection & this is headich & second thing is that why F-Secure is making different different installers. 


    Previously i was working with APEX Kuwait... & Every day F-Secure was a joke due to long long procedures & F-Secure is not looking at market & region problems. Lot of people dont have Internet connections & how they will install F-Secure..


    Do you think people will subscribe for Internet just to install F-Secure? This is sick dear.....

    Customer need things easy way... not F-Secure way.....

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    That does kind of beg the question that if someone doesn't have an Internet connection, why would they need an anti virus product anyway? Without connectivity, it would soon become redundant through not receiving updates.

    I'm sure, though, that F-Secure could provide an offline installer, if necessary.

    But that's not helping solve your issue, so I'll butt out. :)
  • Some people want to protect atleast their PC from USB or other media threats... thats why they want PC protection without even internet....


  • Hi Again, Must just let you know that a technician has been online we me for over three hours trying to resolve the problem. Still to no avail. Linges advised me to contact Microsoft regarding the problem & it seems there is a problem with my Windows 7 - it is corrupt. Certain services have stopped running so the system cannot update correctly. At least now I know the problem & will be correcting this ASAP. Smiley Happy

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