"Foster parent" Virus - removal

Virus foster parent seems to have infected my machine. how to effect removal of the same?


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    This seems to be quite an old one - most references on Google date back to 2006.


    Have you done a full system scan with F-Secure, or the Online Scanner


    If those can't remove it, I'd suggest trying MalwareBytes, which is pretty good at removing most nasties.


    If neither of those work, then hopefully one of the experts here can give you some more professional advice.



  • [Deleted User]
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    Hi laxman0077!


    Were you able to remove the virus, or do you still need some advice from our Community members and experts?


    // Chrissy

  • [Deleted User]
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    Hi laxman0077,


    If the issue still persists, I would recommend you to run a deep scan. Please follow the steps below:


    1) In the F-Secure Launch Pad, click the "Computer Security" icon.

    2) Then go to Settings > Other settings > Manual scanning.

    3) In the Scanning Options, please:
    i) Uncheck "Scan only known file types";
    ii) Check both "Scan inside compressed files" AND "Use advanced heuristics".

    4) After that, please run a FULL computer scan.


    If there is any virus that failed to be removed, please share with us the detection name from the scanning report .


    Best regards,



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