F-Secure Mobile Security Review, August 2013.

F-Secure Mobile Security together with a number of other vendors reviewed here; 




Resource usage & malware detection were some of the features which were looked at.. 


  • Simon
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    Mmmm... slightly disappointing detection rates, when compared to main competetors.  Smiley Sad

  • [Deleted User]
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    It seems that they tested with the older 8.1 version available at the time.

    Current version in Play Store is 8.2 with new Malware scanning engine for enhanced malware detection and scanning speed.

  • Simon
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    It does seem a shame that these testers often test with old versions of F-Secure products.  Weren't there a couple of other tests posted here recently, with disappointing results, and these were also done with old versions?  I believe one was critical of Banking Protection in PayPal, but had used a version of FS before PayPal had been enabled in BP.  I wonder what can be done to avoid these misleading results, especially as it doesn't appear to be affecting the results of some competitors' products. 

  • Blackcat
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    Hopefully, future tests will show an improvement with this new improved version Smiley Wink


    If you only download apps from Google Play and you don't use your mobile for financial transactions your need for a specific third-party malware scanner is low.  


    In particular if you are using Android version 4.2 upwards, this scans sideloaded apps (outside of the Google store) and alerts the user if any app is trying to send SMS messages in the background.


    Overall, when looking at a mobile AV such as F-Secure I am more concerned with cost, performance, number of false positives and theft features before detection rates.


  • Simon
    Simon Posts: 2,667 Superuser

    Indeed, I have an iPhone, and although I do occasionally shop online using the phone, I've still never felt the need for a security app - but if I had an Android phone, I think it would be at the top of my list.

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