windows 7 - health check - FSESD error 24 periheral problem


I am using an HP pc with windows 7

In System and Maintenance, I do an health check using :


Performance Indication

Advanced tools

and he last choice of the page- report


and I got

"No peripheral Configuration problem "


F-Secure Email Scanning Driver  "tv_Config MgrErr 24"

ID Plug & Play of this device is : ROOT\LEGACY_FSES\0000


Can someone help me to solve it or to explain it ?

Thank you for your support

best regards.



  • daempii
    daempii Posts: 18 Observer

    I also had this on my HP laptop. I simply ignored it and until now I haven't received any threats. I don't know what it is, but I really don't see it as a problem. image

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