Battlefield 3, Counter Strike Global Offensive problems with F-Secure



I'm using F-Secure since two years as it's not very resource hungry and thus ideal for gamers. I recently renewed my subscription but next year I think I won't do that anymore because of the recent problems with many main stream games like Battlefield 3 and Counter Strike Global Offensive.


For Battlefield 3 it seems I have to turn off DeepGuard. For Counter Strike Global Offensive I don't know what it is but I have to turn off F-Secure completely to run it. I noticed also problems in Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams where I have to turn off F-Secure as well.


I have no idea who took this product decision but it was wrong. F-Secure is just about to lose a customer if this won't get better with an update soon.


I have no interest in adding my games to some exclusion list. They need to run without any customization.




  • Simon
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    The 2014 version, which should be out fairly soon, has a Gaming Mode, which might help with your issues.  If you'd rather not wait, you could try signing up for the Beta version:


  • [Deleted User]
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    Hi megaDee,


    Gaming Mode is available on F-Secure Internet Security 2013 (Release 4) too.



    Best Regards,

  • Ville
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    What kind of problems do you experience with the games? Are they blocked by DeepGuard (false positives). Then report them to and they will get fixed in few hours.


    Is there some other kind of interference? VAC (Valve Anti-Cheat) is aware of DeepGuard and should not think it's a cheat program. You could try setting DeepGuard to compatibility mode from Computer Security > Settings > DeepGuard and see if it helps.


    I'm a gamer myself and haven't really had major problems, but sometimes I have to set DeepGuard to compatibility mode.



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  • megaDee
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    In Battlefield 3 I get kicked by Punkbuster for running a "disallowed" driver. There is a long forum thread over at EA Battlelog about this:


    In Counter Strike Global Offensive the program starts but just shows a blank screen. It can't be closed via the Task Manager i.e. Only unloading F-Secure Internet Security 2011 helps.


    In Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams for whatever reason the game didn't accept inputs. After unloading F-Secure all was back to normal.


    I don't understand why I'm still on 2011 although I renewed my subscription. Do I have to buy the 2013 edition extra?


    I also don't understand why this started happening just recently... a few weeks back it was all fine.

  • megaDee
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    Wow... upgrading to 2013 solved all problems. I just wonder now why I had it to find this out the hard way. Better would be to force migrate users to 2013. I think a lot of users are stuck with 2011.

  • Simon
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    This was mentioned on here recently, and I agree, if F-Secure want people to be using the best versions of their products, they should at least nag people to upgrade, like they do when a license is due for renewal! If a popup is possible for that, why not for version upgrades?
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