Online Scanner not working

Hi, I'm trying to use the free online scanner, but it will not start.


I've downloaded the file but when I click it the scanner does not open. A button or tab appears along the bottom task bar in windows xp, with the f-secure shield logo but no text, but when I click on that nothing happens.


I'm using windows XP SP3, opera 12.16 and I've also tried it in IE8. The computer has intel pentium 4 3.06Ghz CPU with 512mb RAM.


Why won't the scanner run?


Thanks for any help. Smiley Happy


  • Simon
    Simon Posts: 2,665 Superuser

    Works for me on Windows 7.  Do you have any other security software on your machine, which could be blocking the application?

  • Hi, yes I have norton internet security running, but I thought it's ok to use with online scanners? I know you shouldn't install 2 antivirus softwares because there will be conflicts, but I thought online scanners could be used without conflicts.


    I've used other online scanners like panda, trendmicro, kaspersky, eset and they all worked fine.


    One thing I wondered, if my computer is infected with malware, could that be preventing the scanner from opening?


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  • Simon
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    I'm not actually sure about online scanners working with existing security products, but hopefully one of the F-Secure techies will be able to clarify that.  It may just be that you need to allow the FS scanner through the Norton firewall, but I'm just guessing, as I'm not familiar with current Norton products.

    I guess it's possible that malware could prevent the scanner from running, but if you've already scanned with several other products, and have Norton installed, surely that possibility is almost nil?  Smiley Wink

  • Simon
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    @Blackcat wrote:
    Further, F-Secure's online scanner requires Java to be enabled;



    Does the downloaded version, though?  I went to the 'Online Scanner' link at the bottom of this page, and it planted an app on my desktop, which ran without Java, as this is a new Windows installation, without Java installed yet.

  • Jayson
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    Hi catey1484,


    May I know what is the error message? Do you able to launch the Online Scanner?



    Best Regards,

  • Hi, thanks for the replies. I've got the latest version of Java installed. I've also uninstalled norton and am using the free trial of F-secure internet security now, so it's not norton that's blocking it.


    Jayson - I don't get any error message, the program just doesn't launch. It shows a button/tab on the taskbar at the bottom of windows xp, which normally when you click that tab it would open the window for the program, but there is no window that opens. The tab on the windows taskbar has the f-secure blue shield logo, with no text.


    The intrusion attack I had seems to have disabled javascript in IE8, would a problem with javascript stop the online scanner working?


    Thanks. Smiley Happy

  • Simon
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    Rather than using the online scanner, now you have FS installed, have you actually done a full system scan with the program itself?  It should detect any maleare still lurking on the machine.


    Failing that, you could try a scan with the free version of MalwareBytes, which should run alongside F-Secure OK, as an on-demand scanner (just don't get the Pro version, which runs in real time, and will probably conflict with FS).

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