License terms for multiple PC's + scan tips

I've really tried searching for this first but can't find any info at all, so I'll try here now:


Are there any restrictions for the 3 PC usage version? I mean like do they have to share external IP / be on the same LAN, have the same ISP etc?

If not, I guess I can get the 3 PC license and for example let my parents and brother use the other 2 licenses?


PS. I recently scanned an old computer with MSE and it found nothing(after 7 hours!). Then searched it with F-Secure and it found 9 viruses!!! That's why I'm asking. No one should ever have to use Microsoft's free anti-virus products Smiley Sad



The trick though(a tip for all readers) to really find ALL malware is to change manual scan settings in F-secure to:

  •  Uncheck - Search only known file types
  •  Check - Search compressed files
  •  Check - Use advanced heuristics

The search will take much longer but it's worth it, otherwise you can miss virus detection!!

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    Hi All,


    F-Secure does not limit the license users to be in the same ISP or the same network, hence you should be able to install 2nd and 3rd license in other computers beyond your network.



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