License terms for multiple PC's + scan tips

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I've really tried searching for this first but can't find any info at all, so I'll try here now:


Are there any restrictions for the 3 PC usage version? I mean like do they have to share external IP / be on the same LAN, have the same ISP etc?

If not, I guess I can get the 3 PC license and for example let my parents and brother use the other 2 licenses?


PS. I recently scanned an old computer with MSE and it found nothing(after 7 hours!). Then searched it with F-Secure and it found 9 viruses!!! That's why I'm asking. No one should ever have to use Microsoft's free anti-virus products Smiley Sad



The trick though(a tip for all readers) to really find ALL malware is to change manual scan settings in F-secure to:

  •  Uncheck - Search only known file types
  •  Check - Search compressed files
  •  Check - Use advanced heuristics

The search will take much longer but it's worth it, otherwise you can miss virus detection!!


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    Thanks for the tip - last time I ran a full scan with F-Secure, it took 9 hours!  If scanning with advanced heuristics takes longer, I might not live to see the outcome!  Smiley LOL

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    1. License terms;  Not many AV vendors restrict multiple license use to the same LAN/ISP; I can only think of Kaspersky in this respect. I asked this question to the online Chat support about  6 months ago and they stated that the limitation of the mutiple license terms was on the NUMBER of computers and not on geographical location. So hopefully an official Forum moderator can confirm this? 


    2. Scanning tips;  The Full scan with any AV can take a long time but subsequent scans should be a lot faster, as due to caching, only changed files are now checked. Further, scheduled scans may find even more malware than a manual scan;




    I would not blame MSE too much as even Microsoft state that protection is not that great unless you run IE9 alongside it; 


    So if you have a relatively new machine and you cannot afford F-Secure, then IME, MSE on Windows 7 together with say Malwarebytes and IE9/10 may offer both good performance and protection. 

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    Hi guys,


    I've turned this conversation into a knowledge base article. Many thanks for your contribution!




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