Spam in the Cloud (like MXLogic/McAfee or AVG CloudCare email security)

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Hey there, we recently were told to review AVG's CloudCare offering. Don't really care for it. But do like a few things! I am going to post a few on here that I like.


I have wanted this for sometime, but just now getting to the Ideas section of this site.


Lots of other AV companies, like McAfee (With MXLogic), Symantec, and AVG CloudCare, have this feature.


We need the ability to protect customers from Spam and viruses at the MX record level before it hits the customers mail server. I think software setting on the server is OK for some instances, but have ran into problems with this in the past with other companies. We have never tried F-Secure' offering as we use MXLogic right now. But would LOVE to see F-Secure get into that!


Also look at adding EMail Encryption and Archiving to the mix. This usually comes with the Spam/AV scanning =)



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    F-Secure Oy Corp. has "Protection Service for E-mail" which uses a Cloud farm of F-Secure OEM re-badged Proofpoint Messaging Security Gateway appliances to provide excellent SMTP anti-spam and mail encryption in a security-as-a-service package.


    (Proofpoint is always placed in the topmost quadrant corner in Gartner e-mail security evaluations and is also available on-premises in hardware or VM format. F-Secure adds its antivirus tech to the mix.)


    If really needed, the F-Secure Messaging Security Gateway by Proofpoint can also be magled to do web filtering jobs (but only in the on-premises located version, I think, considering the latency issues of Cloud.)


    Sincerely: Tamas Feher, 2F 2000, Hungary.

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    Well that's great! Does it protect through the MX Record for inbound and Smarthost with Outbound? I thought you guys only had a onpremius option. This is great news. I need to get more into on the Anti-spam/virus solution and email encryption and archiving if you offer that as well.

    I'll email Shelby and see is she can help.

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    Already offered in F-Secure Elements EPP.

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