Remote Control (Remote IT as AVG CloudCare has)

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Hey there, we recently were told to review AVG's CloudCare offering. Don't really care for it. But do like a few things! I am going to post a few on here that I like.


For this post, I wanted to add "Remote IT". It's a VNC/LogMeIn type feature that allows us to remote into a workstation or server with the CloudCare app installed AND the feature turned on. It's great! We use LogMeIn all the time for customers machins, and think this would be a wonderfull addition to F-Secure!

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    Just to set the record straight, the Remote IT component of AVG CloudCare is nothing like LogMeIn. If you are a LogMeIn user, I don't even know how you could compare AVG's cheap, unreliable junk to a legitimate service like LogMeIn.  The two are worlds apart.

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    Corporate feature requests can be submitted now to:


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