Can I remove subscriptions? messed up with them


I was failed to install FSIS.


it said "A trial product has been installed on your computer, please purchase the full version"

(I tried to translate the sentence into English here) when I click the install button on the right hand side of "F-Secure Internet Security".


While I cannot install the Anti-virus trial (360 days) either as it said I do not own a valid subscription (I can use this subscription until the subscription key of IS was entered). That's really weird. Re-installation with or without using Uninstallation Tool did not work.


  • Blackcat
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    Your message is not very clear. Did you install the trial version, uninstall and then tried to install again?


    If so you have a problem as FS product trials are only allowed to be installed once on your machine.


    Take a look at this long thread;


    My advice would either;


    1. Use Windows system restore or if you have one, an older image of your computer to roll back to a time before you installed FS. Then install the trial again.


    2. Make sure you have uninstalled the product and then sign up for the beta;

  • viktik
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    Its really hard to understand what you have said.


    Looks like you already have installed a trial version Fsecure IS before and the trial period has expired. So you cannot install the trial again.



    If you do not have vaild subscription key or the key has expired then you cannot install Fsecure IS or antivirus.

    You cannot install the trial version  if you already have used trial version of fsecure IS or antivirus for 30 days.

    You cannot use fsecure IS key for installation of F secure antivirus or the other way around.

    If you want to Install the trial version again then you will have to reinstall fresh Windows OS. Then you will be able to install F secure trial again.

    If you do not want to buy Fsecure subscription key then buy another antivirus key.

    If you do not want to buy any antivirus key then install a free antivirus.




  • totokwok

    sorry, let me try to make it clear. 

    I was using the anti-virus trial (not 2014 beta) a few days ago, and it worked fine. But when I purchased an IS subscription key and entered, both subscriptions didn't work. I tried to uninstall normally and install it after reboot but the subscriptions did not reset. I cannot install any of the components now (anti-virus / internet security)



  • kamal
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    Yes same thing happened to me and i contact the customer support and they helped me.


  • Simon
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    It looks like you've tried to install FSIS without first removing FSAV - that probably wouldn't work anyway, and as has been said, you can only install a trial version once per machine.


    If you have now purchased a full IS license, I would suggest using the Uninstallation Tool to remove all installed versions of F-Secure from your machine, and start again with a clean install of your licensed version.

  • totokwok

    the retailer provided me another key and the problem's solved. the reason behind is still unknown. anyway, thanks everyone.

  • Ville
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    That's very strange problem you had there. It should work by entering the full Internet Security key on top of the trial Anti-Virus installation. I just tested this out in our test lab and it works. Not sure what went wrong there, happy to hear that your problem was solved with another key.



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