New Cleanup Tool


In the new ISTP there is a "Cleanup Tool" - the F-Secure OnLine Scanner. 


1. This AUTOMATICALLY removes all harmfull applications. Would it not be a good idea to give an option here just in case there is a false positive which is flagged up.


2. Moreover, this scanner component is buried away in the Tools section. Is this because it is considered a secondary/last resort scanner to the main one inside F-Secure?


3. Does this scanner detect any extra malware such as adware/spyware compared to the internal on-demand scanner? If not what is the point of this scanner inside the main program?


  • Simon
    Simon Posts: 2,667 Superuser

    Have to agree - if all it is is the online scanner, I'm not sure of the point of it being inside the main UI. 


    Also agree that an option is required other than automatic delete - just in case.  It MIGHT delete a vital system file as a false positive, meaning the computer may no longer start, so there needs to be a confirmation or safeguarding option before any files are finally deleted,

  • bobbys
    bobbys Posts: 9

    Yes it's very important to be able to decide wich file to delete.

    So, I'm agree with you @Simon, I don't like automatic process, it's dangerous, often more than a virus...

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