Allow adding more than one folder in custom scan

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only one folder is scanned by custom scan of f secure internet security. Let user add more than one folder to custom scan.


if a user has to scan two or more folder then he would have to wait for the completion of scan of first folder. then only he can start the scan of second folder. this can be time consuming. Why not just add all the folders that needs to be scanned in one go.

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    Just as potential feedback (I'm also only F-Secure user).


    Current design of F-Secure Home Security solutions (AV/IS/SAFE/TOTAL) with next points:


    -- 'Custom scan from UI' is dropped. This feature is not available anymore.

    Possible to perform Brief/Virus scan and Full Scan (additionally to Scheduled scan option);


    -- Most likely that rightclick Context Scan for file/folder/drive should cover such concern.

    When user want to perform scan for certain items only - possible to choose multiple files/folders/drives and scan it.

    And Virus/Brief scan is useful for scanning common system places; Full Scan for proper system scanning.



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