I have ran F-secure and got error code 65. How can I overcome this?

I have tried to run F-secure for a second time but get an error cod, id 65.


Refers to 'insufficient user right to scan all targets'.


How do I resolve this issue?


  • Guillaume
    Guillaume Posts: 23 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hello eggsie,

    Which product and version are you using?

    Could you post the steps to reproduce the issue?

  • Hello, thanks for response. I am using Free on line scanner version. First time I ran it to do a full scan , it found 3 suspicious files. It disinfected one, but not the other two. I ran it again and it stopped half way through indicating an error id 65. 'Insufficient user right to scan all targets'.

  • Guillaume
    Guillaume Posts: 23 Former F-Secure Employee

    Is F-Secure giving this error or is it a Window error. Indeed, on Windows, error 65 is  "Network access is denied".


    Could it be that our software doesn't have sufficient rights to disinfect the files?

    Do you know where are these files located? USB drive, network drive, etc..?


  • I believe it is F-secure giving this error because the message read

    'F-secure 4.2 Error id 65'.


    I have just ran another full scan and this time it completed. It found one suspicious file. C:\users\ericval\appdata\roaming\scandisc.exe. It failed to clean it.


    First full scan I performed identified this file and another on the C drive.


    C:\su71u73.bin\82bb7dafa3e.exe. This failed to clean on first scan but did not get identified opn latest scan.


    I have run another scan using another piece of software and this showed no problems.


    I appreciate your help,




  • Hello, please advise steps for Vista,


    Thanks again,

  • Ben
    Ben Posts: 2,020 F-Secure Product Expert

    Hi eggsie,

    Steps for Vista should be pretty similar to the given ones for win7



  • Hi Ben, I completed as advised. Ran another scan and it was successfull.


    It found two suspect files and cleaned them up also.


    Thanks for your help.


    Much appreciated.

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