generic variant tdss.43


Yes it would seem that my old version of spysweeper by webroot is detected as this variant,for it removed enough of the program to make it obselete, I then ran CSS scan and the variant was gone ,so i re installed the spysweeper and then it was found again.SO the object of this is to say i will not be uninstalling my webroot program,I like to be able to fend off modifications to my bits and trusted installer programs which is actually windows update that they daily try to corrupt.Definition of they = government,double click ad,web sites,emails and just about every one including my internet provider of charter.YOU boast about providing security that is a laugh,spybot is free ,you actually do not get anymore secure using css as to spybot.And since microsoft does nothing to proturb the actual securing of someones computer,that leaves crummy security companies after the fact to remove something at a later date or microsoft to create a patch(useless).

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