Add a sandboxing tool

viktik Posts: 62 Active Engager

A sandbxoing tool can be very useful which can be used to run unknown software without causing any damage to the system.


  • flirisis

    Sandboxes are useful but malware can detect if thereexecuted in a sandbox. If they can detect there in a sandbox it will halt its execution payload, as a sandbox cant hold memory for ever. A sandbox would cause degradation and would increase the memory footprint of FS. Good Idea! even if it was seperate from the modules with fsecure it would be a handy feature. Smiley Happy

  • MohammadReza
    MohammadReza Posts: 1 Explorer

    DeepGuard isn't a sandbox?

  • Void
    Void Posts: 3 New Member
    Just install SandBoxie - it's free and it's light.