How to stop a scheduled scan?




How to stop it when it is in action?

I did'nt found the way to...


Is it possible to see the progression of this scan?


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    Hello Bobbys,


    Once the scheduled scan has started, there will be a notification shown for a short while where you can open the details of the scheduled scanning. There you can also cancel the scan. However, after this notification has disappeared, you can not cancel the scheduled scan.

    Also there is no progress information shown for scheduled scan, as it is basically a background task.

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    Thanks Jouni for your contest..

    Imagine I'm working and I let the scan begin...I need all the power of my computer...

    I'm now in a bad situation, I can't stop the scan, the only soluce it's to stop my work and reboot the system...

    I think it will be and improvment to be able to stop or limit the ressource of scan...



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    I have to agree, it does seem a little puzzling as to why there is no option to stop a scheduled scan, particularly as there also seems to be no option for FSIS to give up resources to other processes while scanning.  I believe this is to make the scanning process faster, but that doesn't always work to the user's advantage.


    Just a suggestion, but why not disable scheduled scanning, and run it manually, when you know you're not going to need the computer for resource intensive tasks for the time it takes to do the scan?

  • Rantapallo

    In urgent cases just stop FSAV.EXE. For that you need admin privileges, of course. Also, instead of default scans (always all hard drives), you may create generic tasks and enter something like this on Task Type Specific Parameters: "fsav.exe %USERPROFILE% %WINDIR% /ALL /ARCHIVE /QUAR /REPORT=C:\TEMP\Scan.LOG"

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    How do I stop a scheduled scan on Android? It seems to start without my consent or when I restart the device. I want to set up on demand only. Didn't find the option. Please help.

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    Hello Wrduet.


    Unfortunately it's not possible to stop scheduled scan if it has already started.

    If you haven't configured scheduled scanning to run at any time, then it shouldn't be running. Please confirm this from: Anti-Virus -> Settings -> Scheduled Scan.

    However, F-Secure does run full scan during the start-up. Also when installing any application, F-Secure will scan it after it has been installed.

    In upcoming version of F-Secure Mobile Security there will be option to disable the start-up scanning.

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