New tester - FSIS 2014 Beta

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Just checking in to say Hi, and to report that my installation of Beta 2014 went fine.  I do have a couple of  initial observations, which may or may not have already been mentioned:


1.  I'd like to see the On/Off options for the various Computer Security components back on the CS Status screen, like they were in 2013.  It was handy to see straight away that all required components were On, without having to go into the Settings.


2.  Unless I've missed it, the green bar at the bottom of the System Tray icon to show when the product is updating, has disappeared.  I'd like to see some sort of animation on the tray icon, to show when then product is scanning or updating.  Likewise, it would be nice to see some animation on the 'product updating' icon on the CS Status screen - just to show that something is actually happening.


3.  Banking Protection doesn't seem to be available for the SeaMonkey browser, which is a shame.


That's about as far as I;ve got for now, but will enjoy testing further.








  • viktik
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    i agree with the your first opinion. On/Off options for the various Computer Security components in main interface was a very helpful. It must be brought back.


    Not much has changed. No addition any more tools. No addition of more settings.


    only addition was https support and deepguard 5 which is good.


    I was expecting more.

  • Blackcat
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    As a relative new user to F-Secure I am happy with the beta, as unlike other AV vendors, it is stable and has little effect on computer performance.


    The only feature I do not like is the Cleanup Tool-On-Line Scanner-which automatically deletes any "potential" malware files.

  • Simon
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    I've been using FSIS since 2006, except for a brief period in 2012 when I had to switch due to issues with iTunes. It's always been good for me, despite a few irritations along the way. This is the first beta program I've taken part in.
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