Mac Anti Virus update?


I've started getting a popup to install an update for Mac Anti Virus - could someone confirm that this is a real push? 

Two differences that are in this 'new' installer but not in the installer available from F-Secure's site:

1) The installer window has green banner text under the installation steps

2) The pop up installer license terms have no date


I've tried to chat with support, and been disconnected each time after a 10 minute wait




  • RedLeader
    RedLeader Posts: 2 Observer

    Same here - F-Secure appears to want to run an update on my Mac but when I do it (after entering my laptop's admin password - d'oh!) it fails with an odd error - something about not being able to find the data?


    My details:

    F-Secure Anti-Virus for Mac (B11500.C110)

    OS X 10.7.5 (11G63)

  • favoritebrand

    Same here.

    Here is the box. It's very persistent, keeps popping up.

    Screen Shot 2013-07-17 at 12.29.02 PM.png

  • aaapeecee
    aaapeecee Posts: 1

    I've got the same message yesterday at first ant today also. Installation message was written in Finnish. Anyway installation fails with message: Can not find data for installation. I am waiting for F-Secures comments.

  • Ake72
    Ake72 Posts: 1

    same problem here, awaiting for  a solution...


    We have two macs and there was no problems with the second one.

  • hunt65
    hunt65 Posts: 1

    I am getting this pop up alle the time here on my Mac , that are saying that i need to update my F-Secure

    But when i try it always go wrong.

    What is this ??

  • AuntyOof
    AuntyOof Posts: 2

    I am also get this persistent message with the same inability to install telling me it can't find the data to install.  I checked my subscription date and it's not due to expire until October this year. What's going on F-Secure?

  • brace
    brace Posts: 1

    Same problem.. The message is appearing every now and then. But no chance to update. No need for the product update yet. 

  • Scotty
    Scotty Posts: 1

    I started getting the same pop-up as of yesterday.  When I do the Exclamation Mark that the data couldn't be found....etc., I immediately thought Virus/Trojan scam!  I ran a scan to make sure I didn't fall victim of an intruder...and everything was I just hit Remind Later..then it comes back an hour later.  This is suspicious; however, what I find even more troubling is no response from F-Secure.  I will cancel my subscription and remove the program if it persists.

  • AuntyOof
    AuntyOof Posts: 2

    Worked for me as well!  Smiley Happy

  • Ruben47
    Ruben47 Posts: 1

    I struggled with the problems for several days. I had installed the F-Secure directy from in 2012. My Internet connection provider sells the same program under it's own brand, so I installed it, after which the problems appeared. Finally I found the reason: F-secure was installed in 2012 in the folder "F-secure" in my Mac's Library section. The internet provider's F-secure files were installed in the Mac's Application section. After removing the files from the Library section the problem was solved.

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