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I have a free software sub with Charter's Security Suite (powered by F-Secure) and attempted to install same.  The installation will not successfully complete and says both computer security and online safety are not installed.  After a less than helpful conversation with the charter tech support, I am still unable to install the program.  I have tried to install the free 30 day trial direct from F-secure's site and get the same installation issue.  Charter had me delete all temp files and then re-install the software to the same end result.  I have tried the free computer scanner tool on the F-secure site and it did not find any issues.  I am also  not currently using any protection software as all were un-installed before attempting the installation of the charter suite.  Any recommendations would be helpful.  BTW the computer is running Win7.


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    I have the same problem.




    The tech I talked to was going to have a higher level contact me to resolve the problem but that was over 36 hours ago and I still haven't heard from them. 


    F-Secure needs to support their own software!!!!!!!

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