The Subscription Key supplied by TalkTalk (my Internet Provider) does not work on my F-Sec 2009

and neither does their Security Boost! I have F-Secure working on my Win 2000 machine but it will run out in 2 days time please give me a key that will work on my Win 2000 machine, please.


  • Hi,


    if I am write about the license model F-Secure is using, you could by IS11 key and enter it.


    Should work just fine.


    But keep in mind Win 2000 is End of Life by Microsoft and latest F-Secure products will not support it.




  • Patrick
    Patrick Posts: 130 F-Secure Product Expert

    Hi Joe,


    the key given by TalkTalk will only work for TalkTalk's branded version. For F-Secure branded versions you need to use an F-Secure Key as Eemeli already said. BUT (!) the support for version 2009 already ended september, 3rd 2011.  We are also closing the Update Channel for AVP Engine (as well as virus definition) Updates on 31st of december 2011. So after a few days the product will be totally outdated.


    I strongly recommend to replace Windows 2000 with a supported operating system.


    Here is an overview about our product support status:


  • Joe
    Joe Posts: 2

    Do you have shares in MicroSoft?

  • Patrick
    Patrick Posts: 130 F-Secure Product Expert




    no, I don't have any shares... Smiley Wink


    It's just about security. Windows 2000 is very old. Microsoft stopped supprting it, meaning nof Fixes/Updates are coming anymore. An old, outdated system is leads to severe risks in securty.

    And it's also old technology, which is totally different from newer Windows Operating Systems like XP, Vista or Win7.



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