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Hello all,

Just a quick question, on subscriptions.

Just purchased F-Secure for 1 PC for 1 year.

Can, I at anytime renew my subscription to add further years to current licence.

Or, do I need to wait until my subscription has almost ended to renew it.

Thats about all. One thing, noticed F-Secure uses windows firewall.


Thanks for any answers Graham



  • I got an email saying that my subscription was about to expire so I paid to renew it.  I wasn't able to instal it so I asked Guruaid to help. They pointed out that my subscription didn't expire until 14/6/2014.  I've tried twice to chat online to a technician but each time the helpdesk has terminated the enquiry before answerind (today after keeping me waiting 20 minutes - "short time?" ha ha.

    Please will you either

    a) send my money back, or

    b) entend my subscription to 14/6/2015 and tell me how to instal the extended program.

    Not at all happy with the service.

  • NikK
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    Right-click the F-Secure tray icon, then select "View my subscriptions"

    There you can see the expire date.


    If you click "Add new subscription" and enter the subscription key you received from the purchase/confirmation, the expire date will be extended with one year. (if you purchased a one year license)


    Note: The above does not apply if you have F-Secure SAFE. Then it's handled through the SAFE Portal 

  • Thanks - but it doesn't answer either of the questions! I already checked my subscription status.  The questions are - why was I asked to renew now, rather than in June? And how do I instal the renewal so that it extends to June 2015?

  • NikK
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    I can only think of two reasons: either the email was sent wrongly for unknown reason, or it was a fake email. I will inform F-Secure so they can investigate it.


    You don't "install a renewal", instead you add a new subscription key to the existing installation. Example:

    Your current subscription status shows expire date 14/6/2014.

    You add the new subscription key(1 year).

    Then your subscription status will show expire date 14/6/2015.


    So, you don't have to "install" anything. Find the subscription key from the purchase confirmation email, and then use the "Add new subscription" function.

  • Thanks, this is (would have been) very helpful.  In despair I went to Guruaid who spent 45 minutes trying to solve the problem, the only way they could find to validate the "renewal" was to delete the whole of the existing F-secure and instal the new one.  So I've lost 6 months' worth of subscription but at least I'm protected.  Yes, please take this up with F-secure, it's been a whole day wasted.

  • NikK
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    I see, well that's unfortunate! I suspected I might have misunderstood something when my first instruction didn't help.


    Do you have your old subscription key? I don't think it would help though to add that key since it's already "in use", but you could try.


    I think you should submit a Support Request and explain the unfortunate situation and see if it's possible to get the 6 months you lost. If you don't have the old subscription key, follow these instructions to prove that you had one.

    Not sure if it would help but I think it's worth a try at least. Nothing to lose but a little time.

    I've notified F-Secure and they are looking in to the wrongly sent email about the license expiring. You're not alone in getting these emails, there were 2 other issues last week here

    And next time you have a problem with an F-Secure product you should come directly here Smiley Wink

  • [Deleted User]
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    Hello Mickmac,


    Sorry to hear about your experience. Sounds quite frustrating.


    If you have given us permission to send promotional messages, we usually send you a reminder just before your subscription (or trial version) is about to expire.


    However, if you have purchased a renewal from some other place than our own estore, we will not know that you have renewed already. In that case, you might get such an email in error and at the wrong time.


    Just check the client - If you have Internet Security do that by opening the Launchpad, click on F-Secure, view my subscriptions. The expiration date shown there is correct.


    When you receive promotional messages from us, you can always hit the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the message.
    If you like, you can also contact us as NikK suggested. Let us know your email address and the correct expiration date. We can make sure you receive the emails at the correct time.

    Best regards,


  • Thank you Stephan.  I always buy direct from F-Secure and have no idea what went wrong this time.  I'm sure I got a message from somewhere that my subscription was about to expire - now I know how to check subscription status I won't make that mistake again.  Put it down to experience.


    Best wishes



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