Why Adobe Flash has been and still is a security risk for us all!


I have tried pretty much every brand of Anit-Virus for Mac and Windows out there and the one that always would Vex me was Kaspersky's Pure 2.0 plus now up to version 3.0. It has what is called a vulnerability scan feature and it will detect any weaknesses as in known outdated programs that can be used by computer hackers for malicious attempts to attack your computer. It would always flag Adobe Shockwave on my HP Laptop because of an exploit in this software that would enable someone to gain control of your computer.


In addition I just learned that Adobe Flash can be used by anyone who has the brilliance and skill to control your computer's web camera and microphone. This includes the latest update and release of Adobe Flash and no one not F-Secure,Kaspersky or anyone can patch this gaping hole for you. You have to rely on F-Secure keeping people away and out of an application that can be used to spy on you and control those physical devices. My only answer to this that I have found is to go into the Chrome Browser because it has Flash built in and THEREFORE you do not have to install Flash outside of a sandboxed browser such as chrome.


Go into the upper right hand corner when the Google Chrome browser first opens go to the three lines in the very upper right hand corner and then click on it. The menu will open and on the top you will see new tab and scroll about 3/4 ways down and you will see settings click on the settings menu. Once that page opens you should see a page for all the settings in Chrome and scroll all the way down where it says advanced settings. Then click on that and go up again until you see a window called Content click on that it should be about midway on the page. Change from do not automatically allow to run to click to allow to run. This will prevent Adobe Shockwave but especially Flash from just running all the time.


If you really want to be picky you can disable Java Script on the lower box too but almost every web page uses it so you will have to click on it on every web page anyway so be aware of the work involved but if you look it up a lot of other things are Java exploits. That is all I have learned that I wanted to share with you. There are also script blocking software of various types and plug ins of various types. No one can live without Ad Block plus I guess but I just wanted to share that with you because I had no idea that Flash could be so damaging. Thanks for reading my post folks. Sincerely, Rich


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