Ability to monitor and stop scheduled scan

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For now scheduled scan is done in background. There is no window to see what is being scanned. Also there is no option to stop scheduled scan. It can go forever if I have very huge number of files. So there is a need to have window or tab in f-secure to monitor and stop scheduled scan.

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  • NikK
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    Good idea!

    The current solution works like this: When a scheduled scan starts a window pops up with information. In that window you can click for more information or something like that, I don't remember exactly. In the new window that now opens you have a button to stop the scan.

    The big problem though is that if you don't click to open this new window, then the window closes itself after a few seconds. So the current solution requires you always watch out for this new window and click on it, whenever a scheduled scan starts. It's NOT a practical solution Smiley Mad

    Also this window(if you were fast enough to click on it) is lacking information on what is being scanned, just as you say.

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    i definitely have the wish to check the progress of a running scheduled scan. Also the option to pause/restart this scan would be very welcome. At the moment the scan is running for over 5 hours without any indication, what is going on. The only way I can check, it has not finished yet, is by checking the logfile, which is still empty. F-secure manager is using more than halve of my processor power. I use this viruschecker, because it is provided for free by my internet provider, which is one of the reasons I chose for this provider. If the performance stays this bad, I will choose another viruschecker (and possible another provider).



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    Just as my own feedback (I'm also only F-Secure user);


    Current design of F-Secure Home Security solutions (AV/IS/SAFE/TOTAL) and Scheduled scan with next points:


    -- it should be known when Scheduled scan is planned to start (design of 'Scheduled scan' which configured by user);


    -- when Scheduled Scan is started - F-Secure show the pop-up with ability to 'cancel' Scheduled scan (or allow);


    -- still not possible to see process/state of Scheduled scan by something else than 'understanding' that it still running; but current Scheduled Scan design possible to tweak by option 'to use less system resources during scan';


    -- Scheduled Scan possible to cancel/stop/break by enabling 'Gaming Mode' or entering to Full-Screen Mode (if Scheduled scan in process -> tray-picture rightclick -> choose Gaming Mode and required some minutes/seconds to cancel Scheduled scan -> possible to see 'event' under Recent Events window -> then uncheck Gaming mode).



  • Cale
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    Closing this old feature request, as our latest version pretty much covers all the raised issues here.

    • You can see when the next scheduled scan is run in the settings.
    • You can see the progress of the scan.
    • You can cancel the scan from the Recent Events dialog.


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