i try fs free online tools that is "health check"..
when i run it,it said my com is not protected..

u can look at this image


but,i has norton IS...



  • MJ-perCompMJ-perComp Posts: 1,101 Superuser

    No need to sware!


    Currently all vendors are updating their software. It is likely that F-Secure does not know Build that you are using.

    So please give exact version and build of  NIS that you are using.


    Also the report that is generated would help. Please submit it in a regular support case and kindly mention this thread.




  • Norton IS 2012
    i had attached the report already... 

  • WKWK Posts: 1 Former F-Secure Employee

    Thanks for reporting. We are looking into it and will fix this ASAP.

  • i just wonder because it said no antivirus detected as below..




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