Unable to use symFTP server




I am trying use symFTP on E7-00, need advice on Firewall configuration. 





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    your problem could be simalar to that on here http://community.f-secure.com/t5/Protection/Joikuspot-Premium-is-blocked-by-F-Security-firewall/td-p/2735


    You could give it a go and test latest version.


    By the way do want to connect to FTP or is the phone the FTP server?


    Outbound connecting to FTP should work out of the box. If you want to connect to the Phone as FTP you need to allow traffic inbound.




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    Hi makarand,


    In addition to the control port(2121 is the default for SymFTP) the data transfer also needs some random ports to be opened temporarily. Regarding to the question, if you follow steps below, the connection should be working.

    a) Change the Security Level to "Custom" from Firewall options

    b) Add these two rules(Options->Edit custom rules->Options->Add rule):

       1) Rule name: SymFTP control
           Type: Normal
           Protocol: TCP
           Direction: Incoming
           Port type: One port
           Port: 2121 (the one you selected from SymFTP's setting)

       2) Rule name: SymFTP Data
           Type: Trigger

           If connection exists:
           Protocol: TCP
           Port type: One port
           Port: 2121

           Then allow connection:
           Protocol: TCP
           Direction: Incoming
           Port type: Port range
           From port: 1024
           To port: 65535

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