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I downloaded the 3.16 Rescue CD & burned it successfully. On boot up, it asks me to either connect to my internet connection or supply a proxy address thru which to do so.


I use a cable modem.  Nothing but that.  I suppose the cable company is a proxy, but being a Windows user, I don't know how to answer the "Proxy" question.  |Also, if there is a proxy involved, its news to me.  I thought not... but maybe I'm just a newbie to this.


So, problem is that the rescue CD boots & then fails to see my internet connection.  Hence, it fails to download the newest virus database.


So, not being a Linux user, what do I supply for a proxy address in the question that asks me for a proxy URL?





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    Hi AlbertaHall,

    I believe you do not need to configure the Proxy settings as normally there is no proxy server available setup in home user enviroment.

    How you normally connect to Internet? Do you need to dial via your modem after connected or your cable modem have DHCP setup and will assign IP address to connected device automatically?

    You may refer to this video for Scanning for malware with F-secure's Rescue CD. It is recoreded with v3.11 but the informations still valid.


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