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Can you share your thoughts on this hypothetical scenario please ...



- My Nokia phone is lost/stolen.

- The person who stole it removes my SIM card.

- The phone locks as per anti-theft feature doing its job as expected.



Are all chances of locating the phone lost?

Because ... if I send #LOCATE#abcd1234 to my SIM/phone number ... it will not be received since my SIM/phone number is lost/stolen.



- This link:

suggests that the thiefs phone number will be reported to me.

- Should it state ... the thiefs phone number will be reported to my 'trusted number'? (because my SIM will not be in my possession).

- And if my trusted number receives the thiefs number; can I send #LOCATE#abcd1234 to the thiefs phone number?







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    HI irl-tony,


    Once a new simcard being inserted to the stolen phone, the number will be send to the trusted number you have configured unless the thief remove the program from your phone where he/her should not be able to if it is pin protected. Once you received the number, you can send the message #LOCATE# from your trusted number to the new number to locate your phone provided the GPS is not turned off by the thief.



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    1. See this video for How to find your lost phone with Anti-Theft.
    2. Refer this webpage for more details about Anti-Theft.


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