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Can you share your thoughts on this hypothetical scenario please ...



- My Nokia phone is lost/stolen.

- The person who stole it removes my SIM card.

- The phone locks as per anti-theft feature doing its job as expected.



Are all chances of locating the phone lost?

Because ... if I send #LOCATE#abcd1234 to my SIM/phone number ... it will not be received since my SIM/phone number is lost/stolen.



- This link:

suggests that the thiefs phone number will be reported to me.

- Should it state ... the thiefs phone number will be reported to my 'trusted number'? (because my SIM will not be in my possession).

- And if my trusted number receives the thiefs number; can I send #LOCATE#abcd1234 to the thiefs phone number?








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    1. See this video for How to find your lost phone with Anti-Theft.
    2. Refer this webpage for more details about Anti-Theft.


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