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Hi F-secure,


Yesterday I tried to unistall (Ziggo) F-secure on my uncle's computer. 

I cannot unistall all the f-secure programs, with the configuration screen and the f-secure unistaller.

The program is running in windows (task manager)

Can someone explain how I can completely uninstall the program?

I made some print screens which you can see on the following link (word) http://sdrv.ms/19fwRo2

Thank you in advance,


Sjoerd van der Star

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  • JaysonJayson Posts: 595
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    Hi Sjoerd,

    Please try the Uninstallation Tool.
    - Download and run the Uninstallation Tool.
    - Follow the on-screen instructions until uninstallation completed then restart your computer.
    - Logon to Windows after your computer restarted. Go to "C:\Program Files", make sure that the "F-Secure Program" folder is deleted.


    Best Regards,

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