Deepguard blocked virus but can't delete


Deepguard  blocked lddp.exe and smsc.exe viruses and i scanned these in  C:\Windows\System 32 but  F Secure couldn't delete these by reason "no virus found".


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    Is it possible for you to submit both samples to our lab in order for them to analyze the files ?



    Thank you.

  • crt
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    I sent 4-5 viruses  which the F-Secure couldn't delete  in last two days, i deleted these by Malwarebytes.And 3 days ago wmpctd32.exe almostly disabled the F-Secure.F-Secure didn't find  and didn't give any notification on extension mismatch, spyware.password.xgen after  full scan.The F-Secure is really fast and good program but i think that the F-Secure needs to develope  its virus and spyware detection.

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