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I get a message when starting up that I have a security problem and it turns out that the anti-virus protection is inactivated. When clicking the 'activate' button, I get the question whether I trust the programme and want to run it, which I have answered positively to but then nothing happens. Why does it not get activated? What should I do?


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    I have the same problem. My PC indicates F-secure Virus protection is turned off, and when I go to restart it's not possible -> require restart of computer. Antivirus still does not start after reboot. LIcense is just renwed, and should be valid until 2015.


    It's happened twice in the past year that Anti-Virus turns itself off/is turned off by something. But this is a first that I cannot turn it back on.


    Also had an indication i my systems tray that Windows defender had been turned on but that I was able to refersh and update/run.

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    Hello Hms, Stina,



    Could you precise the versions you are using when the problem appears?

    Did you try disabling Windows defender before trying to turn our Anti-virus on again?


    Thank you


  • hmshms Posts: 2

    >>Did you try disabling Windows defender before trying to turn our Anti-virus on again?

     No, AFAIK Windows defender did not bother operations of Anti-Virus before on my computer.



    F-Secure 1.77 build 243

    CCF CUIF 10.01 build 36037
    CCF DAAS2 1.10 build 306
    CCF Automatic Update Agent 1.05 build 1052
    CCF Upstream 2.00 build 113
    CCF Diagnostics 8.00 build 18212
    CCF Scanning 1.23 build 124.8831
    CCF Network 1.02 build 128
    CCF Reputation 1.0 build 25.1877

    I did run the support app and now have a file on my Desktop but don't know what to do with it or where to send it.

  • BenBen Posts: 2,640

    Hello Hms,


    Please provide the fsdiag to our support team through the following form.


    You can refer to this thread when opening the ticket.


    Thank you.

  • stinastina Posts: 2

    Hello Ben,


    I have filled out the form re versions etc and the content of my question. I hope this helps.



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