Scanning duration over 24 hours? (Anti-Virus for Mac)


I downloaded Anti-Virus for Mac (Trial) and now I'm scanning my HDD1 with 70GB on it (standard stuff, nothing special, mainly documents, pics and progs).

Now 24 hours are over and it is still scanning. Over 8 million elements have been scanned atm. Generally I would cancel the scan, but it found 8 infected elements that other tools didn't found, so i don't want to cancel it.


Is this the normal case?

I have a Mac Pro working station with 8 cores and 16GB DDR3, so it's definitely not underpowered. Other free tools complete with this 70GB at about 1-3 hours.

Everything ok with my scan?


  • pajp
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    no it shouldn't take that long. There are however a few issues in the last release that could cause the scanning to traverse all our Time Machine backups as well, or even network volume, which could cause the scan to take an almost infinite amount of time. It should be fixed in the upcoming version. Can you try installing the beta version and check to see if it works better? You can get it by signing up for the "Safe Anywhere Mac" beta program at


    If that doesn't help, let me know either by posting here or filing a bug report in the beta program portal.


    Thanks for your feedback!

    Rasmus Sten

    F-Secure Technology, Mac Team

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